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About Us

  • is a pharmaceutical & medical wholesale importer & distributor since 1992;

  • focuses on the sales & distribution of quality pharmaceuticals, medical devices & health-products in Singapore, Malaysia & Brunei;

  • is an exclusive distributor for suppliers & manufacturers in the healthcare industry, providing services to match the needs of medical institutions and its principals;

  • conducts seminars, medical detailing, workshops and presentations to educate & update the medical profession on the technical & health-related aspects, relevant to our products and services;

  • assists our suppliers to obtain regulatory approval for aspects relating to import, sales & marketing of healthcare products.

    To know more, please contact us.
    Email: ziwell@singnet.com.sg



Ziwell Medical's Established Supply Chains

  • Anti-Allergy
  • Anti-Biotics
  • Anti-Diabetic
  • Anti-Inflammatory & Analgesic
  • Anti-Mucolytic
  • Anti-Nausea
  • Anti-Thyroids
  • Bandage
  • Ear, Nose & Throat Spray/Gel
  • Lozenges
  • Tranquilizer


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